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8 Awe Inspiring Facts About Stephen Hawking That Most Of Us Didn’t Know

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Stephen Hawking was one of world’s most loved and inspiring personalities. We all know his achievements and his contribution to science what stood out is how he tackled all his obstacles in life.  In spite of rare medical condition, the genius in him never let him remain silent and conquered the world of science with sheer will power and passion.

Unfortunately, the world lost one of the best minds the world has ever seen on March 14th 2018. However, the facts about him just keep coming and deservedly so. Here are some of the facts about the greatest genius of all time.

Maths was his love.

Maths was his first love, but his father wanted him to study medicine and that is how he entered the world of science. He then ended up studying physics in Oxford because maths was not a major.

The rare disease.

He was stuck with a rare disease in 1963. He was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and according to doctors he should not have survived for more than 3 years. However, he lived for another 50 years instead.

The after effects.

In 1985, he was hit with another major blow as he lost his voice completely because of tracheotomy. Luckily, a Californian came to his rescue and developed a computer to generate voice from his head and eye movement.

The theory.

His Ph.D. doctoral thesis named “Properties of the Expanding Universe” tried to show the facts and figures of how the universe could be made in mathematical terms, after the big bang. As soon as it was uploaded online, the site crashed.

The World’s end.

He was pretty certain about his predictions of the world’s end. According to his theories, he claimed nuclear war, over-population, pandemics or artificial intelligence will end humanity. He was also keen on finding a new habitable planet so that we may migrate there.

The extraterrestrials.

He didn’t believe in god but strongly believed that extremely smart extraterrestrials race exist. He said that if they ever visited us, it wouldn’t turn out to be good for humanity.

Net worth.

According to London Evening Standard, the net worth was in the region of $6.9million. A majority of which came from the sale of his books. Stephen Hawking, along with his daughter Lucy, also co-wrote a series of book specifically for children.

His IQ

It is still unknown. When asked about his IQ in an interview, Hawking said that “I have no idea. People who brag about their IQs are losers.”