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9 Common Girl Things That Men Find Totally Attractive

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You never know what attracts from a person it all depends on the individuals. What is completely normal to someone might just be wonderful to other. Especially some of the things that girls do which are completely normal can sometimes be very special to men.

Here are some of the things girls do unintentionally which guys find totally attractive:

Being comfortable with them without any makeup

Men find naturally looking women without much make up attractive and when the girl hangs around them without any dressing up or make up they look incredibly attractive.

Their confidence when they want to achieve something

The confidence in women can really have a great impact on men. They find it very positive and vibrant.

Flicking their hair every now and then

This is one of the common weakness of most of the men. They just cannot resist a woman who plays around with her hair.

Lip biting

Yet another tempting that a girl does which cannot be ignored by men. They just lose their control when a girl does it.

Passing on a whiff of perfume as they pass by

No men can ignore the perfume when a hot girl passes by.

Being independent and vulnerable

The combination of being independent and vulnerable just makes her the queen in the eyes of men.

Never letting the child inside them fade away

This is the best quality in a woman that men just love to see. Any man would love to see the stupidity and childishness in a girl.

The cute smile when they look you in the eye

The look and smile you get from a girl can sometimes pass current in your body.

Understanding and respecting your feelings

They might not tell it openly but men love it when women understand the feelings and emotions of men.