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12 Reasons That Tells You To Stop Using Public WiFi

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People often don’t mind using the public wifi and in fact look to use the free public wifi. However, public wifi is not actually safe and there are good enough reasons to stop using the public wifi. It doesn’t matter how encrypted they are, the hackers will always find a way to creep in and steal important information.

Here are 1 scary things you didn’t know about public wifi:


The internet can be a dangerous place as proven in many NSA scandals, your texts can be easily decoded by some hackers, provided you are using the same wifi network.


Despite offering encryption to https, it doesn’t have 100% security and that can be more than enough to the hackers.

Man in the middle attack.

By targeting the communication between you and the server, a hacker can easily get access to your data. Hence the name, man in the middle.


Man in the middle attack can enable hackers to empty your bank accounts even if you have an SSL protected site.


According to reports, 1 terabyte of data is stolen every day. That is similar to having 1 billion login credentials stolen.


The access to your email is the first thing that a hacker will try to get as you know email comprises most of the vital information.