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Photoshop At Its Hilarious Best All Because Of This Guy

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A guy decided to photoshop himself into Oscar-nominated movie poster and what he came up with is too damn good and hilarious. Guy Madjar, a genius graphic designer, comedian and photoshop mogul has once again proved that he is definitely one of the best.

Just check out his work and fall in love:

Looks like he is checking out ‘The Shape Of The Water’.

What if there was a fourth billboard.

The Post.

Damn true, smoking can lead us to ‘The Darkest Hour’.

Always a pleasure to stand with the lady in olive.

Capturing the moment that shaped our world.

Enjoying the popcorn no matter what.

The Grand Budapest Hotel hired a new employee.

“Guess who?” #grandbudapesthotel #wesanderson #movie #poster

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Oh, messing with the Joker himself.

Just feeding the seagulls by the Sea in Manchester.

#manchesterbythesea @mbtsthemovie

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The ice-cream looks great in La La Land.

#lalaland @lalaland

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