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Disgusting!! Man Starts To Pleasure Himself After Seeing A Hot Woman In Bus

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No matter where you live perverts will pop up as there is no shortage of such people. But doing certain things in broad light takes some doing and that is what this woman encountered in a bus in England.

A man who was travelling in a bus started to pleasure himself while staring at a woman who was travelling in the same bus. Karlah Louise Daly was shocked when she saw a man masturbating right in front of her. She even filmed the act but it did not stop the man.

She said: “I went upstairs on the bus as downstairs was very busy. I noticed a man was right at the back of the bus and I sat in the middle section on the left-hand side.

“I was on the bus for about ten minutes and as we approached Leeds city centre, people started leaving the bus from upstairs.

“it was then that I noticed that the guy had moved closer to me but I didn’t look straight away.”

Eventually, she observed the indecent act in the window reflection.

She added: “I turned to look to my side and this guy in a red tracksuit with his hood up was staring directly at me. His eyes were fixed on me and his hands were on his private area, making up and down movements. Instantly, I was in shock.

“I got my phone to record him and asked him ‘can you please stop it’ but he still carried on with his eyes fixed on me. I got up to leave and he said, ‘I love you’.

“I honestly didn’t know how to react. I felt silenced as if I couldn’t really speak.”

When she got really comfortable she complained to the bus driver who just asked her switch seats. The pervert was allowed to stay in the bus and was still there when Karlah left.

Karlah was understandably disturbed by the act. She said: “I went downstairs to the bus driver and told him what had happened. The bus driver then asked me if it was the guy with the red tracksuit on and I said yes. The driver could obviously see him in his camera.

“The bus driver just told me to stay downstairs, no details were taken and then that was it. I do feel the driver could have perhaps handled it better because when I was getting off the guy was still upstairs.

“What if children and younger females boarded the bus after I left? He could have potentially done the same to them.”

Watch the video below: