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12 Embarrassing Moments That Celebrities Want To Hide From You

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Even celebrities are humans and they too make some blunders that can embarrass them. Despite, taking all the measures these popular figures were at the receiving end on a few occasions because of their silly mistakes.

Here are some celebrities who had some really embarrassing moments:

Emma Watson became a laughing stock when she mistook Jimmy Fallon With Jimmy Kimmel on The Tonight Show.

Julianne Moore was embarrassed because of her heels that looked odd on the red carpet. Well, celebrity life isn’t as easy as it looks.

Justin Bieber has had a few embarrassing lip syncs and this was yet another time when he forgot the lyrics of his own Despacito.

Our little Ariana was there walking the ramp and posing, and suddenly she got knocked off by this model who may have lost the measurements. 

This has to be the most embarrassing of them all. Zac Efron was left looking for a hiding place when he accidentally dropped a condom at The Lorax Premiere.

Christina Aguilera was so involved while giving a tribute to Etta James that she didn’t realize that something was dripping between her legs.