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12 Smart Tricks Used By Restaurants That Fool You Into Paying High

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We all tend to believe that the price that we pay for the fancy restaurants are worth because of its ambience and high quality. Though, it might be true in some cases, there are also some ways that these restaurants use which will trick you into paying high.

Check it out:

The garnished adjectives

The names make a lot of difference. Just take a look at the names and they all appear to be special but in reality, there will be nothing very special about them.

The stylish menu

The menu itself will give you an idea of how costly your meal would be. They look so pleasing on the eyes and they also ensure that no two comparative dishes are on the same side of the card.

The sizes of meal are illogical.

This is like the best of tricks they can apply. Because the amount they provide are never going to satisfy your appetite. And naturally you have to pay more.

The eye-catching decoration.

This is obvious. You know have to pay a bit more when you see those stylish and lavish interiors of the restaurant.

The different methods of serving.


The wonderful serving is necessary to make up for the not-so-good food, just in case.

The ‘First In Show’ technique.


It’s a psychology thing which tricks you into ordering the first things you see. So restaurants organise their menus accordingly to make you pay more.