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15 Occasions Where People Can Make The Most Out Of The Situation

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Sometimes you have to compromise on your ideas and principles in order to make the best use of situation. It might not be completely convincing to you but it will surely give you the best deal that just cannot be resisted.

Here are some of the tricks for people who are morally apathetic:

Save your dead bulbs and replace it when you are at a hotel.


Prostitutes are cheaper by the hour than a licensed therapist and it’s okay just to talk to them.

If you tell people you never smoked marijuana before then most of them will let you smoke for free.

If your girl is mat at you for something you didn’t know you did then just go through the kitchen and tighten up every jar lid in the house.


This is insane, but still check it out. Have a rare disease? Just spread and infect as many people as possible, more sick people means more demand for cure.