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Meet The Couple Who Can Have Orgasms That Can Last For 18 Hours

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Yes, you read it right. The couple we are going to talk about can actually have an orgasm lasting for 18 hours. Scott and Melanie McClure, a couple from Texas have surprised everyone by claiming something outrageous.

The couple who have been married for eight years, practice tantric sex and have orgasms that last up to 18 hours. They even appeared on a show to speak more on the topic.

“One of the key things that most people don’t realize is that orgasm is different from the traditional release that comes from the climax,” Scott McClure told hosts, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Scofield. “And so when you’re able to separate these things, instead of having the traditional trajectory where you kind of get excited, and then the climax, and then go to sleep, you’re able to have an experience where you keep going and have multiple experiences.”

So how does an experience this heightened actually feel like?

“It’s much more powerful and more intense and it’s a full-body experience,” Scott McClure said. “You can have a full-body, completely ecstatic, a blissful orgasm that’s actually more powerful than anything you’ve ever done before without the traditional release and the drain of energy.”

“You must drive your neighbors bonkers,” Willoughby said.

“We’re shocked they have not called the cops on us yet,” Melanie McClure responded.

Tantric sex is a Hindu practice that goes back a long way and refers to the ‘weaving and expansion of energy’ during sex. And according to nationally recognized sex expert Emily Morse, it involves “connecting your body to your partner’s body” via ritual, massage, and coordinated breathing. The couple utilizes this to have long orgasms which can last up to 18 hours!

Morse adds that it’s all about letting go of “any taboo or shame” associated with sex and viewing it as what it is: a deeply liberating experience. And Scott McClure agrees.

“In order to do this kind of thing, you have to be open and be connected to your emotions, your feelings, and your channel so that you can feel the energy moving through your body,” he said. “That’s what makes it kind of a spiritual practice as well.”