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Here’s How The World’s Hottest Weather Girl Looks Like

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Let me quickly introduce to you Yanet Garcia, easily the hottest weather girl in the world, who will just raise ‘temperatures’ irrespective of the weather conditions.

She claims that fitness and workout is the reason behind her stunning body. She transformed her body due to “effort, dedication and discipline.”

She is also a model and an actress. The transformation has created a stir online after she shared a throwback pic just to show how much she has changed. It’s not for nothing that she has been subbed as the world’s hottest weather girl.

She strongly believes that her change is a direct result of discipline and that it is something you cannot just buy. She even encourages people by saying that if she can, “you can too.”

While sharing her stunning pic, she also asked people to “Never give up”. Apart from her gym sessions she also tries her hand at boxing. She regularly shares her workout videos on Instagram and urges people to stay fit.

She said: “I work every day super strong, and I give my best to achieve the clear objectives that I have.”

She further added: “I am very enterprising, very hardworking and dedicated. What has happened to me is the result of a daily effort and I am very happy.

Unfortunately, in spite of her hard work, there are still people who believe that she had a bum implants. As a result she had to share more videos of her training and prove her dedication.

Let us hope that she inspires people to take up fitness seriously.