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11 Hilarious But Very Effective Methods Parents Used To Teach Lessons To Their Kids

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Kids can be very stubborn and can irritate anybody if they decide to. However, there is no point in taking it on them and instead a little bit of smart work can make the difference in their behaviour and you will still be the cool parents.

Here are some parents who used some really cool ideas to discipline their children.

This is how you force or teach the siblings to be on the same team.

Smart dad fools his kids by just giving them the controllers while they are not really plugged in.

This super mom tricks her daughter to clean by making the act some sort of game.

Parents let this little boy help doing the fence by letting him paint – with a bucket of water!

This mom stops her kids from eating her stock of sweets by placing them somewhere the children will surely search.

Dad uses his boxing gloves to keep his baby comfortable and tantrum-free as they pick groceries.

When the kids don’t want to take bath, here’s what you can do to make it more fun.

This dad wants to keep peace in his driving so he just divides the children to keep them from fighting. Divide and rule!!

When the mom doesn’t want the kids to dump their dishes again into the sink.

Just place a tub in the bath tub so that you need not pick floating toys every single time after giving a bath to your kid.

Dad embarrassed his girl as he teaches her not to wear shorts in public.