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12 Adult Movie Stuff That Should Never Be Tried In Real Life

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People often try to do the stuff they see on screen and more often than not it doesn’t come out the way you wanted and that’s because the people you see on screen are trained to do stuff. Sometimes they do things just to make it more exciting and the same applies to adult movies where things get a bit too exaggerated.

Just see the stuff and never try it in your real life and we have some pretty good reasons that tells you not to do so.

Check it out:

Need not be a bad mouth.

You might think that talking dirty might spice it up, but when it is too much it annoys your partner. Just make sure you say the words and never take the love out of it.

Refrain yourself until your partner is okay.

Don’t rush into it. It’s not a movie and you don’t have a script to act accordingly. Allow your partner to get into and do not force it.

Never, never on face.

Just apply your brains and common sense. Too much of it on face is not fun it’s all good when you see in the movies.

Make it exciting and not punishing.

This is a no-brainer. Why do you want to punish when you want to love? Some might argue that a bit of punishing is exciting but when only when your partner is okay with it, else just drop it.

Protection is better than cure.

The sexually transmitted diseases are real and not a myth. Therefore, make sure you take proper safety measures.

Don’t make out to skip from payment.

Don’t think of this as a way to save money this is a legal offense. So, whenever, you want to compensate, make sure you don’t do it by getting yourself into it.