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7 Packing Errors You Must Avoid For Hassle-Free Trip

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Most of us lose our mind during a trip as we tend to forget something more often than not or the load just becomes a little too much handle and the reason for such mistakes is definitely lack of planning and wrong methods of packing.

But don’t worry we have brought you some suggestions that will surely make your next trip way better.

Take a look at these smart packing methods:


Most of us are not sure of what to pack and tend to overpack for ‘just in case’ scenario. That’s a bad idea and make sure you pack only the outfits that can mix and match.

Packing at the last minute.

This is a big no-no as you will surely miss out on something when you pack at the last minute. Plan in advance and pack everything you need.

Folding clothes.

It surely helps when you roll your clothes instead of folding. Folded clothes consume more space when compared to rolled clothes.

Not Making the most out of the shoes.

But make sure the shoes are clean before storing something in it. The inside of shoes can hold things like socks, jewellery and even inner wears.

Not making room for souvenirs.

Unless you are damn sure you are not buying them, make sure you have extra storage for souvenirs. A foldable bag that you can easily stuff in your suitcase will definitely help carry the extra stuff.

Not splitting the suitcase with a companion.

Just go half-half if you have a partner. In case if one gets lost you will still have stuff to wear until you retrieve your luggage.

Not storing your toiletries properly.


The leakage of shampoo, hair gel, or mouthwash can ruin other stuff and hence make sure they are properly packed.