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Air Asia Named As The Worst Airline Following Excess Baggage Scam In Philippines

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Malyaian budget airline Air Asia has been slammed after a Facebook post from an upset passenger went viral. Claudette Cirujales Cledera posted on Facebook about her bad experience with the airline’s staff at Puerto Princesa airport in the Philippines.

She complained about the airline’s baggage handling and suspected their weighing scales. According to her, she was about to get through the boarding gates with her family when the security guard pulled her bag and weighed it without permission and said that it was over the limit.

She was shocked to see her bag weigh more than seven kilos, which is the limit for hand-carried bags for AirAsia. She was confident with the fact that her bag was not over seven kilos as she had weighed it prior coming to the airport.

She also weighed her luggage when she checked with her parents later on, and it only weighed about 4 kilos.

She said: “I was shocked to see it went over 7 kg because I weighed it before leaving for Puerto Princesa and it was less than 7 kg. I absolutely did not add ANY new things to my suitcase and actually even left a few more things with my mom before leaving the hotel. So it was clearly impossible for my suitcase to weigh more than 7 kg.”

She was also not happy with the fact that how the airline staff only asked to weigh the luggage during boarding time. She also complained that how the bags to be weighed were being selected and how the weight of carry-on bags and personal bags were being combined.

She explained: “The supervisor and other employees of Air Asia kept explaining this ‘rule’ to other passengers who were victimized by the scheme. I don’t understand how they would weigh our things RIGHT BEFORE BOARDING THE PLANE WHEN THEY COULD HAVE SONE THAT DURING CHECKING IN. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT? IS IT BECAUSE THEY CHARGE MORE AT THE BOARDING GATE THAN AT THE CHECK-IN COUNTER? (They charge 800/kg at the check-in counter and 1500/kg at the boarding gate). I would have understood this pre-boarding weighing if ALL PASSENGERS went through the process, why do this when a passenger is only given the choice to either pay a large amount or leave their things behind???? You’ve basically put passengers at a compromising situation. I would not have complained about their ‘rule’ if this was done at the check-in counter and NOT at the boarding gate.”

She has asked the management to look into the matter and for travellers to always be wary about such ‘schemes.’

The post went viral and encouraged other passengers with similar experiences to come up with their stories. Cledera further added that she might never ride with AIR ASIA after the bitter experience.