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This Thai Coffee Shop Owner Hired A Near-Naked Waitress To Attract Customers

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A Coffee Shop owner in Thailand came up with an unusual idea to attract the customers to his shop. He hired a hot model, who was almost naked, to serve to customers. All she wore was an apron, a thong, high heels and nothing else.

Arisa Suwannawong posed for pics in the shop to boost the business. The coffee shop owner Prason Sukkom hired the model to serve in a half-naked avatar.

However, he had to face the prospect of some jail time for his outrageous post on social media. The model uses the nickname ‘Jaenae with the huge boobs’ and her images were shared on the social platform.

She claimed that she was not getting paid for her job and all she did was to help the owner to grow his business.

“I just did it out of the goodness of my heart to help the coffee shop,” the model said. “They are a new business and didn’t have customers so I just wanted to help.”

The pictures which were shared were slammed by the public for over exposure. She even apologised for her act.

The owner also regretted, Prasong said: “There was no intention to be sexual or offensive. I posted the pictures online just as a way of marketing the business.”

Luckily, the marketing did reap in some rewards as the business saw some progress in just five hours of being posted on Facebook. The post attracted over 3500 comments, 21,000 reactions, and 8,800 shares.