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10 Common Emojis That Are Actually Being Used In A Wrong Way

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It is the age of emojis where people use a lot of emojis to express their mood and sometimes these emojis reveal more than the words. Emojis also help in clear communicating as people find it easy and above all its damn cute.

However, there are hell lot of emojis and they just keep coming and there are a few common mistakes that people do and use the wrong emojis while texting.

Here are some of the emojis that are being used in the wrong way:

Sad but relieved face.


Most of the people believe it to be a sad face, but its actually represents someone who’s stressed and anxious.

Savouring food.


Though its obvious, some of the people think that it’s something of a joking face because of the tongue sticking out. Actually, it is a face savouring or enjoying the food.

Face with look of triumph.


A lot of people get this one wrong and take it as an angry face. But according to Unicode, it is a face with a look of triumph and you can use it next time when you achieve something.

Hushed face.


If you are using when you are surprised then you are wrong. This is actually a face that is hushed and quiet.

Man bowing deeply.


This is really a tough one. Most of the users use this as an emoji for pushups and/or lying down for a massage. But it actually symbolizes a sincere request or an apology.