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13 Ridiculously Hilarious Facts That Will Leave You Stumped

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No matter how aware you are with what’s happening around you or around the world, you will always find something that will just baffle you with its uniqueness. If you are somebody who love weird and unique stuff then you have come to the perfect place.

Here are some crazy facts from around the world that will take you surprise:

Cloud computing and lightning.


According to a survey, nearly 51% of the people think that stormy weather and lightning affects cloud computing.

West Side story.


Interestingly, the original name of the West Side Story was actually East Side Story. It just took a complete change in direction.

Now, is that a success.


The founder of lost his girlfriend to a guy she found on That’s really sad, but a compliment news for his work.



In China, reincarnation is illegal unless you have permission from the government. Sure, let’s just let them know we have a chance to be born again.

Long words.


Do you have a thing for long words? Or a phobia? If yes, then here is what you call it. It’s Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

Weird logic.


The Allies once tried to spike Hitler’s food with female hormones. The attempt was made to feminize him.

Just perfect.


In Spanish, the word ‘esposas’ means both ‘wives’ and ‘handcuffs’.



Shakira was once rejected from the school choir by her teacher saying that she sounded like a goat.

Very creative, indeed.


This weird museum sells dreams and imaginations of an artist. What’s ridiculously hilarious is that people visit to see these invisible art pieces. In 2011, a woman even bought such “invisible” art for $10,000.

Ronaldhino’s Coke deal.


The iconic footballer’s Coco-Cola deal was terminated after he was found drinking Pepsi during a press conference.

Paris Syndrome.


Japanese people suffer from something called as the Paris syndrome. It happens when they realize that Paris isn’t as great as they thought it to be. The Japanese embassy in France also has a hotline that tourists can call for help.



There are more than eighty thousand people graduated from the McDonald’s Hamburger University. They graduated in Hamburgerology.

Charlie Chaplin look-alike competition.


Charlie Chaplin once took part in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike competition and guess what? He lost it. He was just good.