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Poor Looking Man Proves Why You Should Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

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People often say that nobody should be judged by their appearance and they must be respected as human irrespective of who they are. However, we all know that’s not the reality and in today’s world the looks and appearance do matter whether you like it or no.

It is necessary to change that mentality and every now and then there will be certain incidents that does teach a lesson to people. This is one such case where a social experiment revealed the reality and tried to teach a valuable lesson.

In a social experiment, an average looking man walks into a supercar showroom after arriving in his simple sedan. He apparently had an idea to buy one of the supercars, but the staff wasn’t convinced he could afford it as he was wearing plain clothes.

One of the staff even asked him about the salary. The buyer informed that he is very much interested to buy a car and he had asked questions about the price, the specs, and the speed.

He even requested whether he could go on a test drive, which of course was denied by the staff. He also asked whether he can have a look under the loud. However, the staff was just looking for reasons to throw him away as they believed it was too much for the man.

Obviously, the sellers had no idea of them being filmed and when they finally realized that they just lost a customer who was willing to pay millions, they were shocked.

What’s your take on this?