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These 12 Simple Things That Women Say Signals Danger To Men

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It is almost impossible to read a woman’s mind and when things are heated up it only becomes worse. You just cannot assume things as it is with women and even a degree would do nothing good when you are arguing with her.

Here are some of the most generic things women say that should alert men.

Don’t worry about it.


It definitely doesn’t mean you are relieved off the task. It just means that you have failed to do what she asked even after telling you several times and therefore it will be done by herself now. But, you have to pay for the after effects.

It’s okay.


When she says it’s ok then it is definitely not ok, you will definitely come under fire and the sooner you realize the better it is.



When it comes to women, nothing usually has everything and you have to be smart enough to dig into it.

Go ahead.


It is not the permission but a warning and you it’s better to take it seriously.



It’s not that the problem is over. She just wants to end it and there ends the argument. It doesn’t matter how ‘fine’ you are with it.

Are you listening?


Just drop everything and start listening to her to be safe.