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12 Famous Celebrities Who Made It To The Unwanted Cheating Scandals List

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It is very wrong to assume celebrities to be perfect. They are humans after all and there will be times where they will make mistakes, but the reactions to the mistakes will obviously be very big as they are in the eyes of public.

Cheating on your partner is one thing that nobody would take it easy and when celebrities do it becomes a bit more embarrassing.

Here are famous celebrities who got their names engraved under the cheating scandals list:

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.


Both cheated on their spouses and ended up marrying each other. They were big names in the industry back then.

Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley.

Elizabeth Hurley walked out of Hugh Grant’s life in 2000 after he was caught cheating with a prostitute named Divine Brown in a car in 1995. Elizabeth Hurley was indeed one of the most good-looking celebrities then.

John Edwards.

He was a member of the US Senate and also a former presidential candidate. But, he was embroiled in controversy when it was found that he had a mistress and an illegitimate child. What was more disturbing is that he was having an affair with the lady even when his wife was battling cancer.

Balthazar Getty.

In 2008, a photographer captured a picture of Balthazar Getty and Sienna Miller in Italy. They were chilling on a yacht. After this incident, Baltazar Getty and his wife Rosetta Millington parted their ways and started living separately. However, later, when his affair with Sienna ended, they got back together.

Eddie Cibrian.

Eddie fell in love with Leann Rimes and even married her. But later cheated on her after getting together with his ex-wife Brandi Glanville.

Mark Sanford.

Mark Stanford, a republican senator had a mistress in Argentina. His cheating scandal was discovered after one of his return trips.