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12 Unusual American Facts That People Around The World Are Not Aware Of

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America is a country that many other nations look up to during the crisis and more often than not, America comes up with something that alleviates the situation. However, there are certain things which takes place inside the country that are more interesting and unique.

Here are some facts of America that proves it is a unique country.

Mule mail.


It’s hard to believe that people living in Supai and Phantom town still use mules to deliver mails even today.

King and Queen of Hobos.


Hobos are the workers who work to travel and travel to work. Every year we witness a hobo parade and a king and a queen of hobos. The occasion is held mainly in the second week of August.

Prison Golf course.


There is actually golf course named prison view in Louisiana State Penitentiary and there are numerous facts to make this a weird place.

Legendary creature.

People are given license to hunt down a fictitious, an imaginary or a supernatural animal. In Michigan, you can get a license to hunt down unicorns.

Thrown out in nighties.


People usually wear their night wears while shopping to show how much they like to shop than sleeping.

Discover your diamond.

Yes, this is real. You can keep it if you manage to get one. Crater 0f Diamond state park in Arkansas, a 37.5-acre ploughed field is the place that allows you to search for the diamond.