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12 Times Google Assistant Proved That It Is More Witty Than Siri

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Google Assistant has become a sort of perfect companion to many people who are in a kind of close relationship with it. It can play multi role and will surely be with you whenever you need it. It’s just damn cute and has an answer for everything whether you like it or not.

Here are some funny pictures that shows why Google Assistant is more savage than Siri:

Google can be upset too.

It can be very diplomatic.

It has answers to every question.

Google earth will always be there to save you.

That’s a ridiculous question, but a good try though.

It can help you with the best pick-up lines.

It can be savage.

Well, you can learn that too, Google.

Google is definitely smart, though.

This question just never goes out of fashion.

That’s a tricky one.

Haha, the Star War joke.