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Amazing DIY Trick To Get Rid Of Those Disturbing Blackheads

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Blackheads can really be upsetting and hit the confidence of a person. No matter how good looking you are these marks can ruin your appearance. But, you need not worry anymore as we bring you the simplest yet sure shot winner that can eliminate the blackheads.

Here are some of the methods you can try:


Here’s what you will be needing to do it – lemon, warm water, face cloth, and table salt.


You can use the method once in every two weeks and flaunt flawless skin. It removes the blackheads and gives you an awesome glow and freshness.

Dampen your face.

To begin with, you have to damp your face. This opens up the pores and prepares the face to receive the treatment.

The lemon.

Cut the lemon into two and take a bowl along with one half of the lemon. Then squeeze the entire juice out of it.


Take the squeezed lemon and sprinkle approximately one tablespoon of salt in it. Salt can work as a scrub and removes blackheads.

Scrub gently.

Just scrub your face gently, especially the affected area. Massage in circular motion without being too harsh. However, make sure you do it carefully and not hurt your eyes.

Wipe off.

Once you are done with the scrubbing, the next step is to take a warm cloth and wipe the face. You will get to see the difference in no time. Now, be confident with yourself and show off your skin.