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10 Signs You Should Look Out In A Man To Find Out How Serious He Is About The Relationship

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It is very important to make the right and wise decision while selecting a partner. Everything looks rosy at the beginning but it is necessary to see what’s below the surface and not just go by what you see at the moment.

Here are some signs that shows he’s seriously in love with you:

He has conversation with you about wanting an exclusive relationship.


It’s a no brainer really. He would obviously want to make it exclusive if he is really serious about the relationship. He will never hesitate to talk about it and discuss it with you.

He respects your opinion.

He listens to your opinions and also respects it. He remembers what you say and considers your advice.

He’s honest and transparent.


This is very important and the first thing you should look in a relationship.

He puts out all old flames.

He drops all his past relationships and starts fresh with you when he is really into the relationship.

He’s excited about you when you aren’t around.


If his friends and family report that he won’t shut up about you, this is a good sign he’s starting to have serious feelings for you.