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Hong Kong Billionaire Willing To Offer $180,000,000 To A Man Who Is Willing To Marry His Lesbian Daughter

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Cecil Chao is a Chinese billionaire and a real estate mogul, who gained success through the development of luxury condos, high rises and properties in Hong Kong. However, he has made headlines for a totally different reason now and that involves his daughter, Gigi.

Like any father, he wants his daughter to get married and stay happy and even offered $180,000,000 to a man who would marry his daughter. With that kind of money, you would definitely think that there would be a lot of guys in line. But that’s not the case because the problem is that his daughter is a lesbian and has even been married to her partner.

She is staying with her partner Sean Eav, and they have been together for over ten years now. However, the father is not happy with her decision and has not accepted the marriage. Gigi even wrote an open letter to her father and requested him to accept the fact that she was a lesbian.

“As your daughter, I would want nothing more than to make you happy,” the letter read.

“But in terms of relationships, your expectations of me and the reality of who I am, are not coherent,” the letter continues.

“I know it’s difficult for you to understand how I feel romantically attracted to a woman; I suppose I can’t really explain it either.”

“It just happens, peacefully and gently, and after so many years, we still love each other very much.”

“Now, I’m not asking you to be best friends; however, it would mean the world to me if you could just not be so terrified of her, and treat her like a normal, dignified human being”

“I understand it is difficult for you to understand, let alone accept this truth,” she said.

When she got married in 2012 in France, her father was shocked and told her not to reveal it anybody.

However, when the news eventually came out in the open it did create a stir. She started receive offers from countless men after her father came up with a staggering offer.

Speaking about the offers, she said: “War veterans from the US, someone from Ethiopia, from Istanbul, South America, Portugal, really just from all over the world.”

In spite of her father’s rejection, she understands the fact that he is doing it out of love and he just wants her to be happy.

“I understand that he loves men, it’s just he’s from another time and it’s difficult for him to understand the plight of the LGBT”, she said.

In fact, at one point, she did agree to her father’s demands and agreed to marry. However, she wanted the large portion of the money to her charity and also stated that the man must not mind that she has a wife.

The Hong Kong billionaire himself claimed to have slept with over 10,000 women and refuses to accept his daughter’s marriage to her partner. Interestingly, Gigi had stated in the past that she will not marry a man until her father marries a man himself.

Though, things are not smooth between the two, Gigi knows her father loves her. “At the office it’s business as usual. At family gatherings we hug and dance. And we just agree to disagree on what marriage is and family is,” she explained.