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Online Pervert Demands 7 YO For Topless Pictures, Ends Up Getting An Epic Response From Her Dad

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Parents have to be extremely carefully with what their kids are doing with the mobiles as online bullying and harassment is constantly growing. Sometimes things can literally go out of control which might have a serious effect on the child.

Luckily, for this 9-year-old, her dad just came at the right moment before things got worse. Brad Summer allowed his daughter Madi to play on his phone and use – an internet social networking platform.

Madi, from Illinois, was utilizing the app to “make goofy duets of songs” along with her cousins. Her father was cautious to make sure she solely accepted friendship requests from her household and associates, to maintain her secure while utilizing the app. Besides, Madi’s on-line connections weren’t all they appeared.

Assured of Madi was good enough to play on-line, he allowed her to use system. However, little did he know that in her associates listing was somebody that neither Madi, or Brad knew.

Somebody slipped into Madi’s contact list and posed as  9-year-old known as ‘Jessy’.

Soon, it became clear that there was different intentions from ‘Jessy’. First, she asked for Madi’s pic to which she replied back with a smiling pic.

However, things started to look wrong, when ‘Jessy’ started to ask for shirtless pics.

Though, Madi clearly stated that she would not do it. The predator just kept demanding.

And when it just started to look way too serious, Madi’s father intervened and gave strong reply to shut the predator.

Such incidents are reminder for the parents to be extremely careful with their children while they are online. As expected people were shocked when they got to know about the activity.

It is the responsibility of parents to keep a close eye on what their children are up to before it’s too late.