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Man Thrashes His Ex-Wife In Public, Until A Stranger Comes Flying Out Of Nowhere To Rescue The Woman

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Some men just believe that they have nobody to ask and behave as they wish and especially with women they somehow tend to think they are more powerful.

A man in Turkey was mercilessly thrashing his ex-wife in broad daylight, while the woman looked helpless. The man just kept beating her as nobody intervened.

However, one superman thought it was enough and found it difficult to see a woman beaten up in public. He just rushed towards the couple and stopped the onslaught with a flying headbutt. He took down the man and attacked him.

Once he stopped the beating, other people gathered to calm down the situation and make sure he doesn’t go anywhere.

One of the witnesses said: “The man was beating his wife. She was crying and screaming. Then a passer-by knocked him down.”

Another said: “It was terrifying. The woman was yelling the place down. She was trying to protect herself. This kind of violence is unacceptable.”

As expected the video went viral and people just can’t stop appreciating the flying man for his timely help.

The reports said that the confrontation began after the couple “attended a hearing at Istanbul Court of Justice.” It is believed that the pair has been divorced.

Watch the video below: