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This Woman Stopped Shaving Her Body Since A Year, And Guess What, Her Husband Is Totally In Love With It

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Not many women would love to flaunt their hair and in fact it is no where to be seen as they care of them even before they start to appear. However, one woman strangely took a decision to stop shaving her body.

Sonia Cytrowska, the 28-year-old, did not shave her body for a year. The Polish woman started to shave when she was 12 after seeing the flawless shaved body of women on TV and magazines.

She explained that she consumed 3 hours to remove her body hair which made her feel insecure about her natural look. Therefore, she decided to stop shaving her body hair and finally said goodbye to razor.

She said that she decided to face the society, which puts pressure on women to stay smooth. Luckily, she found support in her husband, who appreciated her new look. She doesn’t shy away from showcasing her body hair on her Instagram page and her blog.

She wrote on her blog: “Body hair movement is women who have not shaved their body in a joint project with me. The same women though it would be easy, but they got scared of the partner’s reaction.”

“They have realized that they are dependent on the opinions of others and are afraid of loneliness and rejection. Have they abandoned their resolve to accept their natural body to keep in touch with people who love them for being… unproblematic?”

Sonia also said that how her husband was not comfortable with her ‘au naturel’ look and after some time he began to love it. She explained, “At first, my husband was shocked because he’s known me for eight years and I was always shaving all my body.”

“He prefers a shaved appearance but we talked a lot, I explained to him that it is so important for me, to live with my natural body hair and he decided to accept me and support me.”

She added, “My husband, who ‘did not like me like that’, yet he did not try to divorce me, decided to change his standards of beauty for me and treat these changes as challenges and not an attempt on his aesthetics.”

She has nearly 7500 followers on Instagram. She spoke about the razor-free body and difficulties she faced of ignoring people’s thoughts and views on her.

She explained,“But it is still hard when I meet new people, for example when I was searching for a new job or going to lectures at the university.”

Sometimes there are days where I don’t care what anyone in this world is thinking about my body hair because I fell in love with my natural body and I believe that every woman should have a choice.” 

She definitely took a courageous decision and it is time to appreciate for what she is and who she is.