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Tips To Stay Active If You Have Run Out Of Sleep In The Night

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A good sleep is very necessary to stay active and concentrate on the task at hand, however, thanks to our busy lifestyle we might not get enough sleep during nights. But, the work can’t wait the following day and somehow you have to get through the day.

In order to help you we have come up with some tips to stay active throughout the day:

Stay hydrated.

Drink enough fluids in the morning as we tend to get more tired when we are dehydrated. Try to drink warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice in the morning to boost your energy.

Take a cold shower.

Have a cold shower. Contrast showers (alternating between hot and cold water) stimulates your circulation. During the day you can splash some cold water on your face or put a cool wet cloth on your neck.

Movement and light help will wake you up.

Make sure you do something physically after a short night’s sleep. Ride your bike to office, park your vehicle away from your office and walk for the remaining distance. You will be also be exposed to the sunlight which blocks the sleep hormone melatonin.

Eat the right food.

Make sure you don’t have too much of coffee to beat the sleep. Caffeine makes you restless and edgy. Try to have fruits, juice and stay away from large meals and even fast food like burgers and fries or meals high in carbs should be avoided.

Try power napping.

Maybe, you can take a power nap during your break. A short sleep might help you recharge the batteries, but make sure you don’t rest longer than 20 minutes.

Add variety to your day.

When you haven’t had enough sleep, you may be less active and not very productive the next day. So if you can, do things that are easy to manage and don’t require too much thought.