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17 Fascinating Photos From Around The Globe

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We’re pretty sure you wouldn’t have seen these photos before. EVER!!

#1 The Mountain with his girlfriend

#2 With Modern medicine it is possible to look like this at 74 possible

#3 Russian Television photoshoped a smile on Kim

#4 Nothing about this picture has aged well

#5 Let’s you know what is safe for your dog.

#6 Writings of Clive Wearing, the man with a memory span of only 7-30 seconds

#7 This cartoon from 1921 is the first meme.

#8 How English Changed Over The Years

#9 Python vs King Cobra

#10 “The Simpsons” writing room, 1992

#11 Picture of a Single Atom That Won The Science Photo Contest

#12 History Rewritten

#13 Exit Door disguised as bookcase in Alzheimer Ward

#14 Plans for a boobytrap whistle

#15 A copy of the Mona Lisa painted along side Da Vinci by his apprentice. Unlike the original, however, the paint was preserved showing what the famous painting would have looked like in 1517

#16 This is why firefighters recommend you sleep your kids with their doors closed.

#17 “One in a billion shot.” Cop’s bullet fired exactly down the barrel of mugger’s gun, jamming it