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Artist Showcases The Fun Moments Of A Happy Relationship Through His Amazing Illustrations

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A happy relationship has become a rare thing today and many wonder how it would look like. It seems only a handful end up in a really happy relationship while the rest sulk in misery. In case you are thinking how people in a happy relationship look like, then you have come to the right place.

Brazilian artist, Crislane Passos, has brilliantly captured the moments of the happiest relationship through his artwork which will make you believe in true love.

Check it out:

When you truly in love with someone, they automatically appear in your dream.


Taking the relationship to the next level can be really exciting and adopting a pet together is one of the best way to announce your togetherness.


Trips with your loved ones can be so peaceful and fulfilling. Of course, their annoying habits will just add to the whole thing.


Falling asleep on your partner’s sleep is one of the cutest thing!

Here the artist exhibits the sweet and sour side of a relationship, which shows that even your partner is angry you are willing to do anything to make them happy.