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Woman Comes To The Rescue Of Dumped Kittens After Being Followed By Them All The Way To Her Home

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A woman from Dalby, Queensland became a saviour for abandoned kittens, which she encountered when she and her dog Koda were walking along a remote road. A group of 10 kittens came out of the grass and never let her go.

Bree Taylor was convinced that the kittens were in desperate need of help and realized that they were dumped by their heartless owner.

She explained: “I just couldn’t believe there were ten and I was just more surprised that all they wanted was a cuddle. They were very hungry. I knew they were feral because they weren’t hissing they were meowing and jumping one me. They definitely knew what a human was.”

Though, she wanted to rescue them, she knew that she could not carry them all. She also realized that they were in danger of getting run over by vehicles. She decided to walk Koda home first and then planned to return for the kittens.

However, as she soon as she left, the kittens followed her for almost a kilometre. While nine kittens were happy to follow her, the smallest gave up because of the freezing weather. Taylor was left with no choice now but to pick it up and carry it home.

“It laid down and didn’t want to walk anymore,” she said.

She urged the owners to ne more responsible while dealing with the pets. She even wished that whoever was responsible for the dumping of the kittens would be consumed by guilt.

She said: “If you cannot afford to desex your cat and your not breeding them for purposes son’t own a cat. They are incredible at reproduction. They have a huge impact on native wild life in the environment especially feral cats, which is most likely what these kittens would have turned into.”

Luckily, people are offering to support Taylor in order to help the kittens. She has even found a home for seven of the kittens thanks to the support from strangers. One of them even donated $100 to help her buy kitten food.

“That was a big help,” she admitted.