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22 Simple Yet Awesome Hacks That Can Make Your Life A Lot Easier

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You will be surprised to know some of the hacks, while you would be kicking yourself for not knowing a few others a lot earlier.

Check it out:

A simple school eraser can make your phone crystal clear.


Post-it notes can be a good keyboard cleaner.


The contraption helps control the flow of cold air from an air conditioner in the office.


When the local pool doesn’t allow alcohol, you can depend on water.


Use toilet paper rolls to get rid of tangled cables problem.


If you don’t have a 3-ring binder handy, tie wraps are an excellent alternative.


Use T-shirts if you run out of clean pillow cases.


You can actually make a cool lamp with a bottle filled with water and a flashlight.


You can make the best sandwich with the help of 2 slices of pizza.


To avoid dispensers on bottles from leaking on trips, wrap them with rubber bands.


Use phone cam to check whether the batteries on your TV remote. The phone camera is sensitive to the wavelength emitted by the remote.


Use a cupcake pan and convert it into a condiment station.


If you don’t have a cookie rack, skewers can help.


A cork coaster is the best organizer for your earrings.


Just place a plastic wrap if you are tired of cleaning short hairs from the sink after shaving.


To keep a water bottle cool for hours, fill 1/5 of a bottle and freeze it laying on its side. Then fill the bottle with water.


You can convert your table fan into a ceiling fan by mounting it.


Just use a vegetable peeler, in case you don’t have a cheese knife.


Make a note of warranty expiration date on products you purchase so that you will know what to expect.


How to keep your hands clean from melting ice-cream.


A pringles can be a good stand for your tablet.


A drill is the best weapon against dirty bathtubs.