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16 Surprisingly Useful Things That You Can Get For Negligible Prices

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Check out some of the awesome things that you can own for just under $25. You would be surprised that you did not think of using these extraordinary items.

Take a look:

Handy phone holder at just $4.99.


An amazing self-help book, ‘Unf**k Yourself’ for just $11.99.


Magband magnetic wristband to hold nails, screws and driver bits at just $10.99.


Get yourself a stylish space with these Gem polished blue agate bookends for $24.50.


A Bluetooth beanie for just $10.99.


Watch time pass with some amazing magnetic sculptures with this nifty gadget for just $7.19.


Dinosour Skeleton Wine Bottle holder at $21.88.


This Anti Glare and Anti Blue light is a must thanks to our increased use of phones, TV’s and computers. You can get for just $11.99.


Amazing USB LED clock fan at $13.99.


Instant cooling towel for just $6.00.


3D wooden puzzle for a mere $12.99.


Luxsedgo High Pressure water savingionic filtered shower head/wand for $12.99.


Mini Quadcopter Nano drone for $19.95.


Halographic desk lamp/night light – $12.90.


Portable soothing sound machine/white noise maker at $19.99.

Energizer 48 count AA batteries for $18.99.