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16 Weird Superstitions From Around The World That You Did Not Know

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There is no logic to superstitions and it can be very weird at surprising. People often go by their superstitious beliefs even though there is guarantee or a reason behind it. Here are some superstitions that are outrageous.

Carrying an empty bucket or seeing one is a sign of bad luck in Russia. This is because Tsar Alexander II was killed by someone with an empty bucket.


Egyptians believe owls are unlucky.

In Turkey, if you are chewing gum at night, there’s a superstition that it’s actually rotting flesh.


Danes preserve broken dishes and throw them at their friends and families houses on New year’s Eve. They believe it brings luck to their relationships.

Opening and closing scissors is not acceptable in Egypt, because it’s believed you are cutting spirits in the air.

The word ‘four’ sounds similar to word ‘death’ in Chinese. Therefore, most of the buildings don’t have a fourth floor.


South Koreans are conscious of killer fans. Few believe that if you sleep in a closed room with one, it could kill you.


You cannot kiss babies on the lips in Nigeria, because if you do, they will grow up to be an adult who drools.