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19 Curious Pictures Taken From Around The World

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The world is a weird place and there is no dearth of shocking things. If you are up for some bizarre stuff, then just lay back and scroll down.

Elan Musk has designed a ‘submarine’ to rescue Thailand kids stuck in a cave.


Here’s how you can get a scientific paper for free.


Dog who saved the owner from a rattlesnake honoured at a D-Backs game.

Gal Gadot drops in at her Wonder Woman costume at Inova Children’s Hospital.

Dancers of the Bolshoi ballet backstage watching their national team win a penalty shootout during the World Cup.


The detail on a 500 year old marble sculpture. Michaeangelo, ‘David’.


This Yoda Bookend is pretty dope.


Married couple in China discover they appeared in same photograph as teenagers.


Medical gloves designed for medical emergency response.


Last image of Saman Kunan.


Man in Delhi slum bathes from a wall next to a garbage dump where people defecate in the open.

Percent of air per bag of chips.

Six activists from Latin America make creative use of jersey’s of their countries and turn them into the flag and walk around Moscow, as act of displaying the LGBTQ+ can get you arrested in Russia.

Escaping a wave like an action hero.


That’s some pet.


Rainy situation in Bulgaria.


When you are actually a pirate.


When you are desperate for attention.


So, how’s the weather at your place?

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