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25 Interesting Historical Images That Reveals A Lot About Times Gone By

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The historical images you are about to see reveal a lot about the past and some of them are really surprising.

Check it out:

An Arab women with a traditional face mask in Oman in 1905.


Female firefighter in London, 1926.

Aboriginal people in ceremonial dress pose for a photograph of ‘a Corroboree’ in Australia in the 1890s.


A restaurant in California in the US, 1920.


Woman showing off a cane that is also a flask in Chicago in 1922.

Strong woman showing her strength in Germany in 1920.


Teacher with a ghost costume for Halloween in the US in 1905.

An executioner awaits being called upon in the Congo in 1923.


Woman using a specialized hair dryer in the US in the 1930s.


Circus performer Elsa Satiro posing for a promo shot in the US in 1920.


Exhausted contestants hold each other up during a dance marathon in the US in 1938.


A couple playing a game in Korea in 1911.

Probably, the largest camera ever, made by the J.A. Anderson Company to capture a complete photograph of the Chicago and Alton Railway’s train.


Actress poses in character for a poster to advertise a play in Russia in 1901.


A family from Burma is given directions from a police officer in London in 1935.

Students using abacuses to learn math in Japan in 1920.

Heavyweight champion Primo Carnera ‘sparring’ with Jo-Jo the Kangaroo in Atlantic City, US in 1933.


Man all set to test his flying bike invention in Italy in 1895.


The Kaufmann troupe of trick cyclists in Germany in 1900.

The Goodwin brothers in blackface advertising their song and dance routine in the US in 1899.

Bedouin women in traditional head coverings in Palestine in 1904.


Black showgirls in the feline costumes in NYC, US in 1922. They performed only at white clubs.

Women firefighters putting a fire escape in place in London, England in 1916.

A kickboxing fight takes place in front of royalty in Thailand in 1925.

Police questioning a woman in Haiti in 1914.

Source ebaumsworld