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Meet The Shortest Bus Driver In The World Who Will Get Your Will Power Up And Running

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Some people will just make you all fired up and believe in yourself and this guy is certainly one among them.

Frank Faeek Hachem is a 55-year-old bus driver. He is also the world’s shortest bus driver who stands at 4 feet, 5.6 inches. The Guinness World Records have officially declared him as the shortest bus driver in the world.

He wants to inspire the less-abled individuals to never give up and chase their dreams. Hachem suffers from achondroplasia, a type of dwarfism, but nothing could stop him from doing things he loved.

A native of Iraq, he moved to UK two decades ago. He started working in Chichester as a bus driver for over a year now.

He said that he challenged himself to apply as a bus driver. He completed the necessary trainings and can now drive all bus types, with little bit of adjustments on the seat and steering wheel.

He said: “Being a short person, of course, you’ve got difficulties. But I am a fighter, I never give up, and I always make sure I get on with things; with life. I always look at myself as just a normal human being.”

“I enjoy my passengers, I enjoy my colleagues, my friends, all the people that are around me,” he added.

He continued: “My family are very excited for what I’ve done, they feel so proud of me! My two daughters are my joy and pride, and I’ve done this for them and whole family.”

Watch the video below: