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Condom Is Imperative For Proper Penis Protection

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Condom is obviously known to prevent unplanned pregnancies and STDs. But not many know that it is also vital in penis protection. Despite being important to penis health, stats tell us that men do not use them enough.

Although, there are other methods for birth control, they don’t have the same effect. Hence, using condom becomes more important for men who are sexually active, especially in a non-monogamous situation.

So, why do they shun condoms in spite of it being so important? We have come up with some possible reasons that keep men away from condoms.


Some times they just give in to the moment and have unplanned sex. During such times they might not have immediate access to a condom. This is the reason why a few men always carry a condom with them.

Difficulty in putting them on.

It can totally ruin the moment when you pause the action to put on a condom. Couples tend to go with the flow and avoid putting on a condom. When men stop to put on a condom, it becomes difficult to maintain their erection.

Interference with sensitivity.

Few people feel that the sensitivity is diminished. There can be lack of pleasurable sensations because of the interference of condoms.

Improper fit.

It is important to have the right size for a condom to do its work and unfortunately, that is exactly what many people don’t consider. The wrong fit will not just distract you from the action, but also slips off while having sex which can be dangerous.