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Divorced Man Shells Out £12,500 On S*x Dolls, But Calls Them His ‘Daughters’

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A man in China who is also divorced spent over £12,500 on a group of s*x dolls, but treats them as his ‘daughters’ and even has birthday parties for them.

Yu Zhenguo looks after the dolls like family, taking them on shopping trips to buy them clothes and even shares the images online.

He says: “It’s just like anyone else’s hobby. Some people love computer games, I love my silicone daughters.”

The 60-year-old man clarifies that he is not a pervert and warns anybody who has dirty intentions towards his ‘daughters’.

Once a man in streets pinched one of his ‘daughter’s breasts. But Yu’s real-life son asked the man to stop being ‘impolite’ to his sister. The son is so attached that he would be upset without his sisters and couldn’t imagine replacing them.

And though the bizarre hobby may look a bit seedy to some people, Yu says he carries on regardless and doesn’t let it affect him.

According to the divorced dad, each doll costs around £1,000 but he has spent a further £11,500 on clothing and accessories to dress up his 11 kids.

He told: “I am not a pervert, but when I saw my first silicone sex doll on sale in Beijing, she was so pretty… and so perfect that I had to have her, even though she cost 8,000 yuan (£920).”

Yu named his first doll Xiao Xue and celebrates her ‘birthday’ every year with a big party to mark the day she was delivered to his house.

They go on regular trips and take pictures to share on social media platforms. According to Yu, whose online name is reportedly ‘Uncle Li’, other owners have even taken to donating their old sex dolls to him after they get married.

He continued: “Whenever I order custom-made dresses for them, the tailors would think I’m joking because the measurements are far from the normal size of a human.

“Nobody has such big boobs and a small waist.”

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