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Firefighters Come To The Rescue Of A Guy Who Was Caught In An Embarrassing Situation

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A student was caught in a very unfortunate and embarrassing situation that would haunt him for ever. Apparently, his vital part from down there was stuck in a metal ring while he was trying to pleasure himself.

His organ was trapped and he spent five hours trying to free himself without asking for any help for obvious reasons. But, as it started to swell and the pain became unbearable, he had no choice but to seek help.

Finally, he called up emergency services and explained the situation he was in. Rescuers said the bizarrely intricate sex toy that ensnared the student’s willy was triple layered, allowing the user to clasp his penis while rotating the outermost ring, which then in turn moved a set of iron beads.

However, it seems the student wasn’t au fait with the rotating iron bead sex toy, as he clipped it to the base of his genitals, causing a blood supply obstruction, which in turn led to severe swelling.

Firefighters, along with the help of doctors had to spent almost three hours to break the s*x toy with an electric saw.

Luckily, the student was freed after a struggle and had no major injuries in the process. Indeed, a good job by the rescue team.

Watch the video below: