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Man Baffled After Seeing An Exclusive ‘Pe*is Cleaner’ Product In Super Market

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We almost have products for everything these days and sometimes the details will just take you by surprise and a product will be developed out of nowhere.

We all have come across moments where we stand clueless after seeing a new product. There will be no idea whatsoever regarding the product until somebody explains it to us.

In this case, a man was left confused when he saw a Pe*is Cleaner’ while he was shopping in a supermarket. He discovered a product from independent brand ‘Boners’. Pe*is Cleaner stays true to its name and does exactly what it says on the bottle.

Addressing his Twitter followers, he posted a photo of the intimate wash, asking ‘what is wrong with a bit of soap and water with a squirt of lemon juice?’.

The shopper went on to tag a string of bloggers and other Twitter users asking for their thoughts and whether they would try the ‘Boners’ product.

The replies were mixed, with some seeming intrigued, one ‘desperate to sniff it’, and one who was visibly confused, with a telling, simple ‘wtf’.

The original poster stood strong with his choice of natural cleanser, saying it’s ‘very refreshing’, and telling him not to knock it before he tries it.

The description on the product explains how it provides a ‘clean and fresh feeling’ and is designed to be used either before and after sex, post-exercise or ‘just when the genitals can use a refreshing boost’, the spray bottle makes it handy to use on the go too, I imagine. Can’t argue with that.

Would you give it a try?