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Newsreader Gets Roasted Because Of Her Outfit’s Uncanny Resemblance To A Pe*is

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People who are working under the spotlight just cannot afford to go wrong as things will be well documented. And with the emergence of internet, the humiliation has only increased.

Unfortunately, one reporter, Samantha Heathwood, working for Australia’s Channel Nine had to face some roasting from public after she unassumingly wore an outfit that apparently looked like a ‘pe*is’.

Viewers wasted no time and jumped in with their views and had their say about the wardrobe choice. Some of them even called it the ‘pe*is jacket’, while others said it was a bit of a ‘d*ck move’ by the channel.

One person wrote: “I know I’m immature but this cracks me up.”

Another added: “Literally cannot unsee it now.”

Luckily, a few were matured enough to ignore it and keep it simple, with one writing: “You people are so catty, so what, it looks good on her!”

Meanwhile, a similar outfit from 2016 also surfaced and made an appearance in the discussion. Seriously, people have so much time on their hands to do research on such matters?

Commenting on a ‘who wore it better?’-style photo, one person wrote: “Who thought that was a great idea? The first time!”

Another person said: “This is priceless.”

A third wrote: “#penisjacket lives on!!!! I still find this hilarious!”

Someone else added: “Woah that’s even worse than before… this time spillage.”

What do you think of this whole story?