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Controversial Priest Who Slept With 13 Parish People Makes His Comeback To Church

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A priest who had slept with 13 parish members and created a stir with his bondage sessions and orgies has now been welcomed back by the Catholic Church.

Father Roberto Cavassana, 43, was a popular priest and had a devoted following thanks to his charismatic sermons, which had even attracted TV presenters, to whom he acted as a confessor on many occasions.

He was well-known in Italy and rose to fame in 2017, following his spiritual guidance to Belen Rodriguez, a TV presenter in the country, who described him as a ‘modern priest’ and a ‘handsome and nice man’.

However, he was slammed after bringing shame to the church, after which he went on to leave with the ‘poor’ in a bid to regain his position and reputation after his scandal.

He confessed to having s*x with 13 of his church goers, as well as participating in s*x parties. The orgies were organised by another priest -Father Andrea Contin, who was expelled from the church.

Father Contin recorded the parties, in which they used bondage equipment and s*x toys. An investigation was conducted when three of his former lovers complained about his behaviour.

When his home in Padua was searched, officials came across a whole load of home-made pornography and sex toys.

Two of the women who came forward with the claims did so after going to Contin for advice after becoming worried that their marriages were breaking down, according to reports.

Instead of providing the women with spiritual guidance, they both allege that he seduced them and pressured them to take part in ‘extreme sexual activities’.

Claudio Cipolla, the bishop of Venice, said he forgave Father Cavazzana ‘like a father’ and he was taking inspiration from the ‘mercy of the Lord’.

Maria Elena Sinigalia, the village mayor, added: “We are not talking about paedophilia so we are calm. You need to distinguish between the man and the priest and Don Roberto is a good priest. We hope he comes back soon. We are ready to forgive him.”

After hearing he was to return to the Church, the father said: “I ask for forgiveness for the words, the gestures and all the mistakes that I have made.”