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Betting Shop Bans Man Because He Was Winning Way Too Much

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Now, that’s a rare happening. A man was banned from a betting shop because he was ‘winning too much’. Retired Michael Bates, 74, is that unlucky man, who had pay for his good luck.

He won £2,000 in a lucky 12-day winning streak, with 48 successes at Coral in Colchester in Essex. He had apparently worked out a method to predict the winners of horse races based on his research. Around 80 percent of his predictions were spot on.

However, his fortune came at a price, as the staff asked him to leave and never come back. He told: “They should not be allowed to do this. It can’t be right. It’s not as if I’m a Las Vegas high roller.

“I was told I couldn’t come in any more as I was winning too much.

“How can they invite you to bet then tell you to go away if you win? They only want customers who are losers.”

He said, when asked, he left the shop without kicking up a fuss, but later called Coral’s customer service team to find out why he had been banned.

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He was then told that the staff have the right to decline bets, for a number of reasons including that a customer has won too much.

Michael added: “I was shocked. I can’t believe this is right.”

Coral’s PR director Simon Clare told he would look into Michael’s complaint as it wasn’t the betting shop’s policy to ban customers for repeatedly placing winning bets.

He said: “For a very small minority of customers that show themselves to be particularly shrewd with their betting strategy or who follow a pattern of betting that is likely to be unprofitable for a bookmaker we may ask that their bets are phoned through to our trading desk for authorisation.

“However even for this very small minority of customers, their bets would rarely be refused, but we may on occasions limit the stake that we will lay.”

The Gambling Commission said there’s no legal ‘right to bet’ and that bookies staff are free to reject any bet. Michael says he is now using other betting shops in the local area and says his winning-streak is still going.