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Parents In Search Of Unique Name For Their Kid End Up Getting Trolled After They Came Up With Something Interesting

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The process of naming a new born child is one of the cherish moments for parents and many tend to enjoy it. A lot of thinking goes into naming a child as every parent wants it to be special. According to a study, there’s correlation between a kid’s name and how ‘nice’ they are. So, you know it’s a big deal.

However, in this case, the parents of a child took it a whole new level as they wanted their baby’s name to be really special and one of its kind.

Jessica Mavis came decided to name her daughter using Roman numerals. They locked in KVIIIlyn for their daughter. The mother liked the name Kaitlyn, but was not happy with so many of them using it and hence she came in with the twist.

She explained: “I’ve always loved the name Kaitlyn but hated how popular it was.

“So when I found out I was having a girl, my husband suggested we replace the ‘ait’ with the Roman numeral symbol for eight! Now out daughter is truly unique”

Meanwhile, the netizens had their say and it can be said that not many were fine with the idea. One user wrote: “She is going to hviii this name when she is older, will end up changing it by deed poll to the proper spelling.”

A second said: “The Romans didn’t say it ‘eight’ so now her name is actually K-octo-lyn.”

While another person even suggested they should be forced to pay, saying: “They should fine parents who do this to their children!!!!”

And the torrent of abuse just kept on coming, with one person saying, “Poor kid, what will she do when she grows up and finds out her parents are morons,” while another said she would “grow up to hate” her parents.

But despite the pretty harsh criticism, there was some support out there for the Mavis’, with one reader commenting: “Although the name sounds a tad weird, must say a lot of thought went in and it is very clever and unique.”

Let’s wait and see how the child reacts when she is old enough. Until then the parents have some answering to do to people.