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Unbelievable! Luck Lady Wins 30 Lotteries In A Single Day

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A woman in the US experienced something that not many would believe. She won the lottery 30 times in a single day and accumulated $150,000.

Deborah Brown, from Virginia, US, bought 20 pick 4 tickets for the Virginia Lottery, with all of them having the same digit for the same draw on February 11. She then bought 10 more tickets later in the day, again going for the number combo of 1-0-3-1.

She explained: “A couple of times during the day, I saw those numbers.” Adding that she was ‘really feeling it’.

And she was right to do so, because low and behold, when the lottery was drawn later that day those numbers rolled out meaning that all of her 30 tickets scooped the $5,000 (£3,841) top prize – 30 times, netting her an impressive $150,000 in total.

She couldn’t believe her luck and said that she almost had a heart attack, understandably so. Speaking to a representative of the Virginia Lottery she said she doesn’t have any immediate plans for her winnings but is considering some home renovations.

The top prize for the $1 (77p) game is $5,000, with the chances of matching all four numbers in the correct order standing at 1 to 10,000.

So, we can be rest assured that miracles do happen and all we need to do is believe.