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Woman Shells Out Staggering £19,000 In A Bid To Look Like Meghan Markle

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For some reason people are spending crazy amount of money in order to look like there favourite celebrities, and this is yet another case. The celebrity here is Meghan Markle.

Xochytl Greer, from Texas said that she has spent almost £20,000 just to look like Meghan Markle and revealed that her daughter now confuses the real princess for her. The mother of three said that she felt anything but royal.

“Previously I felt no matter how much make-up I put on or how I fixed my hair that I wasn’t properly presentable,” she said.

She had a change of look after a liposuction, a rhinoplasty, fillers under the eyes, lip filler, jawline filler, botox and butt lift.

“When I look in the mirror, I’m happy again,” Greer said.

“I still see me, but a better version of me. I’m at the point where I feel I can put myself out there in the world again…

“I don’t think I look identical to Meghan Markle, but I do see our similarities a lot more now, my nose definitely resembles hers more closely.

“I also had fillers in my jawline to have a stronger jaw like she does, so I do feel I more strongly resemble her now.

“I got out of it what I wanted and I see more of a resemblance to her, whenever my 23-month-old sees Meghan she looks at her and says ‘Mommy, mommy’…

“The way I carry myself on a daily basis has changed – I like going out again, being in public and feeling good about myself.”

The life-changing transformation was reportedly inspired by the Duchess of Sussex’s appearance on American TV show Suits and subsequent climb to the British monarchy.

She said: “I really like her, I have always thought she was a classy person, she’s very relatable and I think she’s absolutely beautiful.

“Beauty wise I thought she was a gorgeous, then on a personal level through getting to know her a little more I guess it did enhance my admiration for her.”

What’s your take on the change of look?