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Thousands Line Up After Man Tweets About His Dad’s Disappointment Over Lack Of Sales In New Doughnut Shop

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Some stories will just make you feel so good about people and the world we are living in. These are the kind of stories we all love hearing more often than not.

Billy By shared a picture of his dad standing all alone behind the counter in an empty new doughnut shop in Houston, Texas. He then urged people to visit the shop and experience some of the delicious treats on offer. He also shared the address of the shop and its Instagram page.

And luckily, thousands turned up in response to the tweet and gave some much needed confidence to the man. In no time, the doughnuts were sold all thanks to the kind gesture by people.

People on social media can’t get enough of the sweet story with one replying: “This made my day. Thank you.”

Another said: “The moment in life where Twitter and whatever social media platform actually does an awesome job.”

While others said the whole thing had ‘made them cry’ – I’m assuming they mean happy tears, but maybe they’re crying because they missed out.