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After Jose Mourinho, Grandma Gets A New Jeremy Kyle Tattoo

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A grandma who has a staggering 37 tattoos of former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has made space for a new tattoo, this tie for Jeremy Kyle.

Viv Bodycote, 61, got a tattoo of the TV host hugging security guard Steve on her upper back. She said that she watched ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ every day for 14 years and wanted to do it as a tribute from her side.

She also said that the process was very painful but ‘worth it’. She said: “I absolutely love it.

“At the end of it my neck and back killed. But it was completely worth it.

“I got it because I think it says a lot about friendship. There’s no Jeremy without Steve. They have an incredible bond. Steve is there for Jezza and hopefully that shows in this tattoo.

“He’s a British show legend. He portrays himself out to be this arrogant man but there is a sensitive, kind nature to him otherwise he wouldn’t do that type of show.

“When I show it to people see it, they just say, ‘Wow’.

“It’s just a shame I had it done in the winter as I’d love to show it off all the time. I can’t wait to get it out in the summer.

“He’s got that precious look.”

Viv, from Earl Shilton in Leicestershire, has spent three years covering herself in tattoos in honour of the Special One, and has six of his face as well as the words ‘Mrs Jose Mourinho’ on her chest.

Since Mourinho was given the boot last December, Viv says she’s boycotting the Premier League and while she waits for him to get back into footy, she opted for the tattoo of Jezza.

“I can’t really get a tattoo of him [Mourinho] looking down in the dumps,” she explained

“And who can blame him. He was treated awfully. I was absolutely devastated to hear he had gone.

“I just can’t watch them on the telly kicking the ball around as if they haven’t betrayed him. He was just tossed out just like that.

“I cancelled Christmas because of it. I was so down.”

After getting her new tattoo, she appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show, where she showed the man himself.

Seeing the ink, he said: “That is amazing. How good is that work?

“I look like I’ve got wind again. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

“I think you look fantastic and I appreciate you for being here.”

Viv, who is married to a very understanding man called Tony, says her newest tattoo is her favourite, but plans to get another Mourinho tattoo at some point in the future, adding: “I do like Jeremy and he is a good man but I don’t think I could top what I’ve got for Jose.

“Plus my heart does belong to Jose.

“He’s the ‘Special One’ so he’ll come back from it. He’s the best manager in the world.

“I have a feeling he’ll be heading to Real Madrid or Chelsea.

“And when he does I’ll be getting a tattoo of his return.”